Don’t settle for ordinary, we’ll make your home extraordinary with top-of-the-line interior renovations and remodeling. Our kitchen remodeling contractors specialize in high-end home remodeling services, such as:

  • Kitchen Countertop Installation
  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation
  • Custom Tiling Installation
  • Wood Flooring Installation
  • Complete Kitchen Remodeling
  • Lighting Installation
  • Bathroom Vanity & Cabinets
  • Walk-In Shower Installation
  • Textured Tile Floors
  • Bathroom Fixture Installation
  • Complete Bathroom Remodeling

FAQs on Home Remodeling

1. WILL I BE WITHOUT POWER/WATER/GAS DURING THE REMODEL? During your remodeling project you will not be without power or water. If we are doing a kitchen remodel the gas for your stove will be turned off. We are able to do a temporary hookup for your microwave and refrigerator during the remodeling project. 2.…

Bakke Kitchen

Is Stainless Steel Passé?

One day back in the 70s, thousands of homeowners looked at their avocado green appliances and thought, with complete conviction, that such a lovely color would never go out of style. In the 80s, they questioned how they ever had such a silly thought as they marveled at the sophisticated beauty of their black appliances.…

Is It True? Could Granite’s 30-Year Reign Be Coming to an End?

We can’t say for sure. In fact, we think granite remains a solid choice. After all, it’s both durable and attractive — and it’s become increasingly affordable too. But there’s just no denying granite’s seeming decline. As homeowners opt for more modern kitchen designs, they’re also opting for more understated countertop alternatives. ENGINEERED QUARTZ Perhaps…

Choosing Cabinets and Countertops

Options. While normally a good thing, they can be incredibly overwhelming when you’re trying to pick out your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Depending on the taxonomy, you’ve got no fewer than eight types of countertop materials and a similar number of cabinet styles to choose from, resulting in at least 64 potential pairings. And that’s…

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